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Added by Daniel Suter on 2021-09-16 11:12

In New Zealand the NZS4303 [1] specifies minimum ventilation rates and indoor air quality that will be acceptable to human occupants, and is intended to avoid adverse health effects. This is 1000 ppm of CO2. Masks can create CO2 levels of 10,000 to 20,000 ppm. Mandating masks for health is by nature a contradiction of health advice.

For a deep dive on masks check out the article below. NB N95 Masks can put you 20K+ ppm.

"CO2 concentration translates into a 10-fold increase in CO2 with KN95 respirator and valved-respirator or 24,000–26,000 PPM at the nasolabial fold, which is greater than the NIOSH 8-h TLV-REL of 5000 PPM" [2]

NB if anyone tries to force a mask on to you please remind them of the 1961 Crimes Act Section 189A Strangulation or suffocation.

Everyone is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who intentionally or recklessly impedes another person’s normal breathing [3]

According to 17B Exemptions if you have a condition that makes wearing a face covering unsuitable.

Sue's take on this. "
A condition could be that wearing a mask gives you a headache or anxiety. You are not required to show proof of this, this is your condition and the reasons are private to you."

Note an exemption card is not required your reasons for not wearing a mask are private.

The legislation is very clear as below.

"17B Exemptions from face covering requirements in clause 17A

Clause 17A does not apply if—

(a) there is an emergency; or
(b) wearing a face covering is not safe in all of the circumstances; or
(c) the person is communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing and visibility of the mouth is essential for communication; or
(d) the person is asked to remove the face covering to ascertain identity; or
(e) removal of, or not wearing, the face covering is otherwise required or authorised by law; or
(f) the person is under the age of 12 years; or
(g) the person has a physical or mental illness or condition or disability that makes wearing a face covering unsuitable; or
(h) the person needs to remove the face covering to take medicine; or
(i) the person needs to remove the face covering to eat or drink.

Clause 17B: inserted, at 11.59 pm on 18 August 2021, by clause 7 of the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level Requirements) Order (No 9) Amendment Order 2021 (LI 2021/211)." [4]

Not convinced yet?


Daniel Joseph Suter Daniel Joseph Suter wrote. Where I am from in the South Island, we havn't had a single case of Covid in a year. When you consider that, the cost / benefit of wearing a mask is so completely ridiculous. Yet many people in the south island wear a mask even in the car by themselves in some cases.

Its a like a great experiment in behaviour. Make a rule that defies all logic and see how many blindly obey.
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Monique Witthöft Monique Witthöft wrote. Good to know the law ? Thanks
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pauline pauline wrote. It’s crazy that people wear masks all day when they don’t need to. Good information. Thanks.
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Daniel Suter Daniel Suter wrote. Masks. Important public service announcement from the NZ Government

Shows the changing narrative on masks. What happens when the one source of truth changes it mind? One must start to wonder if it ever was the one source.
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Cha Staples Cha Staples wrote. Thank you for sharing this information.
However, I do take issue with a few things around exemptions. Firstly, to make it mandatory to wear masks under usual circumstances where you are not in a sterile environment under the guise that it is for yours' and others' health and safety, when the opposite is true, is fraudulent, a breach of several laws and dangerous. So to support the idea of exemptions is also to support this flawed and unlawful demand. Secondly, even if you have an exemption, in my experience it does not stop some guards or other business staff stopping you from freely exercising your right to shop and go about Your business if you do not wear one. The exemptions are self regulating so to say you have an exemption should be enough. However, in my case I have a brain degenerative disease and wearing a mask can easily induce a seizure that I am prone to and even when I have given over this information, some people have attempted to basically interrogate and shame me to try and get me to show them proof which is against my privacy and personal requires details that could put me in danger. The difficulty is when the police, who in some instances can lawfully ask for information that clearly identifies you, supports these unjust breaches of the law and help to interrupt innoccent people, sometimes simply trying to obtain the basics. Worse still, my own son who is only 9 and therefore exempt as well, is sometimes afraid because of the scrutiny and aggressive behaviour he sees some people showing towards those who go maskless, whatever their reasons. It is hayfever season and he is very wary of the negative attention people and that includes him, may get if they sneeze, cough or sniff. It is ridiculous and highly distressing especially for our more vulnerable and we must not allow it to continue.
Additionally I am completely against mask wearing outside of a sterile or appropriate environment or situation, because they are ineffective and can cause harm in various ways from rapid breathing all the way through to possible death from breathing in constant CO2 and other waste and possible fibers from certain masks when not enough oxygen is present. It is also a crime under 189A of the 1961 crimes act to basically prevent anyone from breathing freely and interrupting their normal blood circulation which you can look up in more detail. Despite this I still support freedom of choice and therefore the use of masks for anyone who understands the risks and still chooses to do so.
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once a musician once a musician wrote. The irony is hysterical. They insist that CO 2 is a pollutant when it is not as in global warming; and deny that it is in effect a pollutant when it really is, as in mandated mask wearing.

You can trust the government to GET IT WRONG
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