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Sue does a lot of work that is in the best interest of the Public good. Unfortunately public money does not always make it to the places it should.

Sue prides herself on fighting cases that are in the interest of the freedoms and liberities even when this comes into direct conflict with the government.Currently the Government is claiming safe and effective for an agent that is clearly anything but. If this is something you would be interested in helping with, there a some different ways you can help. Just by being on my website is a great help. A donation of time is the highest donation according to buddhist traditions as it is the intent of the donation that is of all importance.

The single greatest way you can help is by supporting our projects.

Right at this moment the single most important project is Save the Children. We need you to email the school and let them know you do not consent to your child being jabbed and remind them of the "Duty of Care" they are responsible for.

There are 2556 Schools in New Zealand and we have a plan for every one of them, but we need your help.

If you wish to contribute to ongoing financial costs of the No Jab No Job case, that is also greatly appreciated.

Donations to this fund are encouraged by a small team of supporters and held in a separate account "legal fund" (not connected to Sue) as required by law and used to pay court fees or assist in expenses bringing these issues to light. Funds are only released on submission of approved legal invoices. Sue's work and funding in the past has been used on issues such as the 5g legal challenge, aerial broadcast of poisons (1080 and brodifacoum), helping mother and baby out of quarantine, Covid high court challenge, employees sacked because of no jab no job cases, green fairy cases and and many other emerging issues.

  • Media and Content creatior.
  • Co-ordinator for "Save the Schools"
  • Co-ordinator for "No Jab, No job"
If you believe you could help with either of these please email
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